Dry Type Vacuum / Pressure Pumps


We are one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum/pressure pumps (compressors) in India which are mainly used in printing and allied industries. We are completely in tune with the industry requirements and our range of pumps covers the entire spectrum from 0.25 hp to 7.5 hp. Looking towards the future we have also developed a range of eco-friendly pumps which are oil free. Most of the reputed manufacturers in the printing and packaging industry have standardized on our pumps. We have also developed substitute compressors for most imported printing machines of Heidelberg, Solna, Roland etc. The pumps are 100% oil-free rotary vane vacuum pressure pumps. They are designed to operate on a continuous basis at operating points from 0-25" hg vacuum and 0-7.5 PSI pressure. These further undergo stringent quality checking on all the well defined parameters, so as to ensure an optimum performance.


• Offset Machines ( Front Feeding)
• Paper Folding Machines
• Multi Clamp Binding Machines
• Mini Offsets
• Printing & Packaging Machines
• Cigarette Making Plants
• Automobile Industry

Product Range - Dry Type Vacuum/ Pressure Pumps
Model Displacement(lpm) Vaccum (inch Hg) Pressure (PSI) Motor (hp)
CV-75 75 24" - 0.25
CV-150 150 24" - 0.5
CV-300 330 24" 5 1
CV-500 600 21" 5 2
CVP-60 1050 21" 7.5 3
CVP-90 1600 21" 7.5 5
CVP-120 2100 21" 7.5 7.5

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