ACMEVAC a name that stands for innovative solutions, high technology, dependable products and first-class service. For more than 50 years, we have been providing services in vacuum technology with these attributes. Thanks to our know-how, we continue to be one of the leaders in India, in this field.
Our extensive line of products ranges from vacuum pumps right through to development of complex vacuum systems. Quality always plays a key role in this connection. Our products are constantly being optimized through close collaboration with customers from a wide variety of industries, through on going development work and through the enormous enthusiasm and commitment of our people. These are virtues that we will continue to embrace!

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Turbine Blowers

Turbine blowers are devices that utilize high-speed rotating impellers to generate airflow for various applications, such as aeration, ventilation, and pneumatic conveying. These blowers are known for their energy efficiency, compact design, and reliable performance in providing a continuous and uniform air supply.

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