Diaphragm VACUUM Pumps / Compressors


Acmevac offer 100% oil-free Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps/Compressors. They can be used either as vacuum pumps or oil-free compressors and are designed for delivery of uncontaminated air, gases or vapors. They are suitable for producing oil-free compressed air or vacuum.


• Diaphragm type - hence no rubbing of parts and negligible wear & tear
• Practically maintenance free
• No lubrication required, hence oil - free
• Low operational cost of equipment. This results from the modest cost for replacement of diaphragm and valves.


• Heads are made of aluminum alloy castings
• Diaphragms are made of neoprene rubber or other elastomers depending on applications
• Specially designed motors in single - phase and three-phase constructions
• Pumps are mounted on rubber pads for silent, vibration-free running
• Due to compact design, these pumps are ideal for laboratories and original equipment manufacturers
• Compact, light-in-weight, hence portable


Pollution Monitoring Equipment, Chemical Analyzers, Laminating press, Material Handling Equipment,
Labeling Machines, Plastic Welding Machines, Gas Welding Machines, Soldering iron,
Agitation of Chemicals in Tanks, Aeration.

Products Range - Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps / Compressors
Model Displacement(lpm) VACUUM (hg) Pressure (PSI) Motor (hp)
SD-15 15 22" 25 0.05
SD-20 20 22" 25 0.06
ASD-30 40 27" 30 0.13
2SD-30 30 22" 30 0.25
2SD-50 50 22" 30 0.25
SD-45-FM 45 22" 30 0.25

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